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Reasons to Hire a Professional


Estate/IRS/Probate - A legal Estate appraisal may be needed for the purposes of family distribution, IRS estate taxes and/or probate purposes. Fair Market Value reports are prepared that may be used by family, accountants and attorneys for the execution of estate closure.

Insurance Replacement Value - A legal Insurance Replacement Value appraisal may be needed in case of loss. Documentation including photos are prepared to file with your insurance company for recovery purposes. Proactively, Insurance Replacement Value appraisals are recommended to ensure documentation including photos for potential future loss.

Divorce/Dissolution - A legal Fair Market Value appraisal may be needed for the distribution of personal property due to a divorce or dissolution. Fair Market Value reports are prepared for attorneys that may be used in settlement decisions. Expert court testimony is available as an added service as needed.

Non-Cash Charitable Contributions - A legal Fair Market Value appraisal may be needed for personal use including Federal 8283 tax documentation for non-cash charitable contribution tax credits.

Estate Sales and Consignment Liquidations:

Estate sales become necessary for a variety of reasons which may include major moves, downsizing, transitions to assisted living and entire estate liquidations. This is an extremely emotional time for you and your family.  I offer consultations to remove the emotional burden by helping you determine what your goals are, preparing a customized plan to meet your goals and assisting you to bring you the best results.

Sales services include onsite consultations for determining what is in your best interests, providing vetted referrals and donation options. I will advise you if it's better to donate your items and not go through the time requirement and expense of a full on estate sale.  

Red Sign Estate Sales and Appraisals, LLC offers personalized services at competitive rates. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and assist with your individual needs. References available. 

June 2, 2013

"To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Shirley Sanders for three years. I have had the privilege to work with her on several estate sales, as a consultant and as expert to help price rare ephemera. In that capacity I was able to assess he skills as the owner of an estate sale company. Her integrity and professionalism dealing with clients is the bar to which everyone in estate sales should aspire. Her knowledge of so many kinds of personal property and her vast experience with appraising is second to none. Her appraisal work is extremely good and she knows how to locate the relevant and appropriate markets for her clients and for her appraisals, both. I will close by stating that she is the best there is. John Henley, Senior ASA "

Qualifications and Work Experience:

1985 - 1995 Assistant Personal Property Appraiser for Muriel Walsh; Walsh Estate Sales and Appraisals: Estate, Dissolution, Insurance, Charitable Non-cash Donation

1996 - 2004 Senior Personal Property Appraiser for Walsh & Walsh Estate Sales and Appraisals: Estate, Dissolution, Insurance, Charitable Non-cash Donation

1998 - present Owner and Senior Personal Property Appraiser, Red Sign Estate Sales and Appraisals, LLC: Estate, Dissolution, Insurance, Charitable Non-cash Donation

  • Candidate Member of American Society of Appraisers
  • Member of Oregon Historical Society
  • Member of Portland Art Museum
  • Member of Oregon Corinthian Sailing Association
  • Member of Cascade Blues Association
  • Member of Sports Car Club of Oregon
  • Performed Estate, Dissolution, Insurance Replacement and Charitable Donation Appraisals for a fee since 1985
  • Fair Market Value Court Expert Witness
  • Federal Tax Non-Cash Charitable Donation 8283 appraisal preparation
  • Listed on the Oregon Historical Society Personal Property Appraiser referral list

Confidential service references provided as allowed.

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