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Client and Customer Comments:

Aug 2021 "Shirley, you and your crew win the award for transformation in every room." MK

Aug 2021 "I can't believe you got that much for my antique French silver! Thank you!!"  MD

June 2021 "Wow!  What a collection of cars, furniture, tools, books and collectibles!"  J. Bauder

Sept 2020 "I don't know what we would have done without you!"  R.Thrush

Aug 2020 "I am writing this letter to express my gratitude on the hard work and dedication that Shirley Sanders showed with her help on helping me find an appraiser for an item I have.  Shirley went beyond her duty in finding an appraiser in my area, kept me informed on her progress and provided me with the contact information I needed.  Shirley showed complete professionalism and I would recommend her highly in her related fields.  Once again, Shirley, thank you for all the hard work you provided me.  Job well done!

Sincerely, Richard Dvorak"

March 2020 "Thank you doesn’t begin to convey my deep appreciation for the OUTSTANDING job you and your team did for me in preparing Don’s estate for sale. I wasn’t sure when you first came to see Don’s house, stuffed to the gills, with stuff, that you would take me as a client. You did and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

I know Don being a bit of hoarder who also collected a lot of really nice things, made preparing his house much harder. I still can’t believe it was eleven (800) Got-Junk trucks that were filled with junk. Thank you for overseeing that process and giving me peace of mind that everything was in good hands. Not living in Portland, I really relied on your good judgement and trusted you to get the house ready for sale.

Anyone who hires you is getting a professional and someone with a big heart. You can’t deal with loved ones who have passed away and show kindness and compassion to the friends and family who are dealing with the many details that comes with someone’s passing. Thank you helping me settle Don’s estate.

I am pleased to recommend you to anyone who is considering retaining you. I’d be happy to talk to anyone as well.

My very best,


Scott C. Staub

Personal Representative for Donald Biggs"

Sept 2017 "Thank you for giving the neighbors advance courtesy notices. We love your signs as they are very easy to follow." Neighbors of sale

Sept 2017 "I've never been to one of your sales before and I must say how impressed I am by your sale being tidy, orderly, clean, smells good and is reasonably priced." CS

Sept 2017 "We were so happy to see you had an estate sale in Beaverton. We ALWAYS come to your sales!" Numerous customers

August 2017 "Thanks Shirley, I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you for everything and more. You made the whole thing tolerable. I know you tried your very best and then some. Way to go super sales woman!" LL

April 2017 "You helped make my executor duties easier with your expertise and suggestions". AW

June 2016 "Thanks for selling my coins, jewelry and watches so quickly and at such great values!" DF

Dec 2015 "I found you by googling furniture and equipment appraisers in Portland. I found three suitable firms but you were the only one who said you had worked for a bank before! If you ever need a referral, please feel free to use me, I am very pleased with your timeliness and professionalism." DD, Grandpoint Capital

Nov 2015 "You're a life saver." KC

Nov 2015 "I am beginning to see the pendulum swing the proper way!!!! Again... You are a big part of it. Today has been a good day for us! Thanks, again!!!" WD

Nov 2015 "Yes, I have received the report and the check safely. Thanks for your efforts. It is working out well, thanks to you!" DO

July 2015 "I'm going to give you twice your commission for doing such a great job!" SC

June 2015 "Thank you Shirley! As soon as I receive the appraisal I will send payment. We appreciate working with you as well." MJ, Heritage Bank

May 2015 "That is great news. Thanks for selling the guns." MP

May 2015 " I contacted the gallery and will send him the photos of the pieces as you recommended. I enjoyed working with you and will miss your help in moving these items. I know you have invested timein this project and I want you to feel free to send me a bill for that time." DJ

April 2015 "Thank you for your precise description of what you wish to do. My wife and I give full and unconditional permission to you to consign the three items below to Bonhams for the June Auction. We both are most impressed with the knowledge and care with which you are handling this transaction. Thank you." DO

Jan 2015 "Thank you so much. You are always wonderful to work with." DW  

Aug 2014 "I engaged Shirley Sanders and Red Sign Estate Sales and Appraisals to provide an appraisal and estate liquidation for two challenging probates on behalf of Heritage Bank Trust Services. Shirley and her crew worked tirelessly for weeks in sorting, merchandising, and marketing the personal property for a Portland and a Longview property. The two sales could not have been more different; the first was a household located in Lake Oswego with multiple workshops filled with tools, welding equipment and scrap metal. The second, in Longview, WA, was filled with collectible and also included three automobiles. Shirley and her crew handled both sales quite expertly and were able to provide accurate and complete documentation satisfying the court's requirement for a final accounting. Additionally, I can vouch for their trustworthiness as a member of her crew located a lockbox containing over $82,000 in cash in one of the residences. Shirley immediately secured this lockbox and contacted our department to request a pickup. Her team has provided timely and accurate advice for valuing and securing jewelry and other items of significant value. I would recommend the use of Shirley Sanders and her team for estate sales an appraisals for any institutional or personal executor. I plan on engaging Shirley in the future for sales and appraisals of personal property and anticipate continued excellence in all of her projects. Respectfully, John T. Strohecker, CTFA, Principal, Portland Fiduciary Services

Feb 2014 "We appreciate all your hard work and how much you collected for the estate." LT

Feb 2014 "My family recently visited one of your estate sales and found it really put together well. If you could add me to a email list that would be outstanding." SM

July 2013 "The neighborhood appreciates your consideration of our properties during your Lake Oswego sale. It was professionally handled and I'm giving your card to everyone I know." LON

July 2013 "Many thanks for the appraisal." JD

June 2013 "I have not actually met Shirley in person, only corresponded with her by phone and email. Her assistance allowed me to work with my father-in-law's long time bookkeeper/assistant to clear out his office without an extra trip to Portland (I live in AZ). Shirley is trustworthy and communicated effectively. I had no difficulty working with her remotely." LW

June 2013 "I was extremely fortunate to have Ms. Sanders' assistance with the disposition of personal property from my deceased sister's estate. It was especially a blessing to be confident in Ms. Sanders' competence and integrity because I have been serving as estate administrator from 2,000 miles away." CB

May 2013 "We couldn't have done it without you!" M&GB

April 2013 "It would have taken us forever to complete this, we needed your help". GT

Feb 2013 "And thank you for yours (assistance). From the beginning I have had a good impression of your work style. Thanks for your intensive work. A mountain of work you have done here, and a mountain of questions and comments. You're pulling it together and keeping me doing my job. Good for you." CB

Feb 2013 "I really appreciate winning the bid on the Linderman artwork, we look forward to seeing you to at future sales." WP

Feb 2013 "Your setup and helpfulness of the your staff keeps me coming back. We love negotiating with you!" TW

Jan 2013 "Thanks for a great job and cleanout." JO

Nov 2012 "I went to an estate sale and what a difference in how you manage things and other people. Such a huge difference, you are just so classy, top notch." AD

Nov 2012 "Thank you so much for your thorough (appraisal) research as well as friendly and professional manner. You've been extremely helpful to our family during a very difficult time." CS

Oct 2012 "We like your sales because you put so much effort into making them presentable and shoppable." BP

Oct 2012 "Wow, from looking at the photos, I am so impressed with the work you’ve put into it. Best of luck to all of us!" DS

Sept 2012 "Thanks for the estate sale report and the check. Looks like the sale was a big success. Thanks for all your efforts and the efforts of your crew." RN

July 2012 "We always come to your sales first. They are so well organized and your pricing is reasonable." DB

May 2012 "A few months ago when we spoke about doing a moving sale for my mother-in-law, I had no idea what would be coming or what would have to be done....though I did know that it was way more than I could handle by myself. When we as a family interviewed you, you were so friendly and provided such great information and communication, I knew you were the right one to help us.

    You came in with your wonderful crew on May 1st and started taking doors off the cupboards and doors, started sorting and cleaning. I must say I was in awe at what I saw which carried through to my mother-in-law, husband, brother-in-laws and all those who walked through the door. Our home was built by my husbands grandfather and has been in the family for close to 80 years. At close to 3800 square feet and 80 years of household items it was a monumental task to take on. There appeared to be no intimidation on your part at the work that was going to have to be done. Your organization and efficiency skills brought all of us tremendous comfort as we watched you fly through every room always being so kind and compassionate to all of us, especially my mother-in-law who had lived in the home for most of her life. You had control of the entire sale from the beginning to the very end when you brought someone in to buy out all the items that didn't sell. To be able to have the home cleaned out of all the items in the home that had created such a wonderful life for all who entered the's a great relief and comfort.

    On behalf of the entire family...A big thank you and hug to you and all your staff for your compassion and kindness in making a very hard process look easy. It helped us remain relaxed through a very hard transitioning period in our lives. " LA

March 2012 "Thank you for your timely donation appraisal reports." JD

Feb 2012 "Thank you for the neighbor notices and great signage!" PK

Jan 2012 "Thank you so much for all your wonderful work with my parents estate sale. We could not have had a better group with your leadership to pull this off." NT

Jan 2012 "Thank you for the update, and certainly it appears that your writing and estate sale skills worked wonders for us. I think we are all very grateful that the realtor helped get us together and that we are moving forward to property transfer our parents estate to those more capable to care for some lovely assets." PT

Dec 2011 "This is why you are the best! You and your team rock! Thank you for helping take the emotion out. I think that is your biggest selling point! You have blessed our forward movement to new beginnings." TB

Nov 2011 "Great job on selling so much!" DS

Nov 2011 "We received the reports and check. Thank you very much for all you have done & your hard work. A job well done. Thanks again." G&MS

Oct 2011 "We couldn't believe how quickly you pulled the sale together!" DP

Oct 2011 "You and your crew are good hard workers. I'll give your name to anyone who needs a good sale." PW

Sept 2011 "This was the best estate sale to attend all year!" MR

Aug 2011 "Thank you for helping my parents." JT

July 2011 "You made our lives and move much easier!" KC

June 2011 "You've made my mother's house look better than it has in years!" BS

June 2011 "Thanks Shirley, your work is invaluabale!" DW

June 2011 "Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I appreciate you & your staff's professionalism & knowledge. I am very pleased with the way you handled my sale & will recommend you to my clients. Thank you." YY

May 2011 "Gave your card & a good recommendation to our realtors." JP

May 2011 "Thank you Shirley and your team for all of the hard work you did." PH

Apr 2011 "After interviewing three estate sale managers, we decided to hire you because you answered all of our questions and explained the process from start to finish especially the detailed inventory report." AP

Apr 2011 "Thank you very much for all you and your crew did on my consignments." SR

Apr 2011 "Congratulations on a job well done! Who would ever think that something as simple as an estate sale could turn into such a big project? I am pleased you agreed to take on the task. You handled the entire project in a thoroughly professional manner, in spite of the road blocks. Saying "Thank you" hardly seems adequate." DG

Apr 2011 "I wanted to let you know how happy I was about the estate sale reference that I received. Shirley and the rest of the crew were professional and efficient, but also really likable. The bottom line is that they got rid of everything that I didn't want and I made a good chunk of money out of it. It was interesting because there was an article in the Sunday Oregonian a few weeks ago about unscrupulous estate sale companies, and how they take advantage of people. I would recommend Shirley's company without hesitation to anyone thinking about doing this." SP

Mar 2011 "Great job of selling my consignments!" JM

Feb 2011 "I'm giving your cards out!" CF

Jan 2011 "You and your crew did more than I expected to help me with my move. The sale was very professionally handled." DG

Dec 2010 "You made our house look better than when we left it. Thanks!" JM

Oct 2010 "The house looks great - in fact we had a team clean on Friday. Thanks again for all your hard work. We really appreciate it." SB

Sept 2010 "Thank you! Thank you! I appreciate your caring about family memories. Bless you for all you have and are doing for my family." ML

Aug 2010 "I am impressed with your professionalism and performance. Again thanks and great job!" RK

July 2010 "You made our things look better than before. You put a lot of work into our sale!" LM

June 2010 "We're glad we hired you, thanks!" BM

April 2010 "Great signs and organization. You went out of your way to show consideration for the neighbors." PJ

March 2010 "You're great, Shirley! Thank you so MUCH!" DB & MJ

Jan 2010 "Thank you for taking care of the rest of our parents belongings after they moved into assisted living. You left the house as clean as you promised!" JM

Nov 2009 "Recently, my sister and I were starring down the barrel of an urgent move out of our Mother's longtime residence. Mom was no longer able to live independently, emotions were running high, and Mom's mental and physical stability were of constant concern. We were at the point of realizing that we had a week and a half to pick it, pack it, ship it, store it, and or, get rid of it. A contact introduced us to Shirley Sanders, and our world turned around. Every question, or worry that we presented was answered by "I will take care of that." Shirley immediately went into action, setting time lines, and making arrangements to help us through the process. She and her staff were professional, caring, and most considerate of the sensitive task of taking apart of a family home. We had clearly bitten off more that we could chew, and never could have made our deadline had it not been for her. My family will be forever indebted to Shirley for her tireless efforts on our behalf. We would not hesitate to recommend her for any task she takes on. Shirley says what she will do, and then does it. She was our Estate Sale Angel, and we will be forever grateful. " SM

Sept 2009 "Great setup and presentation!" BO

Aug 2009 "To Super Shirley & her courageous crew, Thanks for all the time and effort you ALL put forth into this gigantic task. Once again, thanks, you really made a difference." R&E E

July 2009 "This was the most professional sale I've ever attended!" UP

May 2009 "Thanks for running my parents estate sale." CR

April 2009 "We're glad the estate attorney hired you!" RT

March 2009 "My remaining personal items were sold at good prices and your regular communication was appreciated." BN

Jan 2009 "You took all the pressure off of me with selling my mother's things that couldn't go with her to assisted living. The special circumstances were handled very well." WT

Nov 2008 "We appreciated your professional service and quick turn around. We'll send all of our business to you!" JN

Oct 2008 "We want to thank you and your crew for all the hard work on our brother's estate sale. The Oregon Humane Society will benefit from it!" D&B C

Aug 2008 "Please enjoy this gift. You do not know how much I appreciate you. It is amazing how much you sold." VS

July 2008 "I can't tell you how much my family and I appreciated your assistance in accounting for and disbursing my mother's assets. You may absolutely use me as a reference for future sales. It was a real pleasure to work with you in such a difficult time." RC

Mar 2008 "Shirley is great! She is available to help as much or as little as you need. She has helped me with planning a sale for my mother's estate. While sorting through the collections, she has identified several items of value that I would have sold for a dollar. It's refreshing to work with someone who is professional, on-time and communicates well. Thank you Shirley!!! " AS

Feb 2008 "I have recently needed Shirley's professional services in helping me dispose of many items left by my late husband. She has proven to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I recommend her highly to any one that requires her special skills in estate sales." BL

Nov 2007 "I just want to thank you for your most expert job executing the estate sale. The sale was run most efficiently." JA

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